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Everything you need to get started with physical therapy at Ideal Motion PT

Getting started: Forms

Welcome to Ideal Motion Physical Therapy! We’re excited to meet you and get started. Please complete the following forms prior to your first appointment.

What can I expect at physical therapy?

At your first visit, you will have an initial evaluation which will include a discussion and series of questions by your physical therapist. Your evaluation may include some of the following clinical testing:

  • A range of motion assessment to measure movement around a specific joint or body part
  • Strength testing
  • Non-invasive clinical testing to determine a tissue injury diagnosis

Your test results help us create a list of problems that need to be addressed during the course of physical therapy and design a treatment plan for future appointments or independently with a home exercise program.

Will I see the same physical therapist each time?

Each client receives 1:1 care during their entire treatment session with a licensed and highly trained physical therapist. We DO NOT bundle patients or book multiple patients at the same time. Each treatment session typically last 45 minutes unless an alternative amount of time is needed.

As a patient, what’s my role in physical therapy?

We will educate each client on a customized home exercise program and expect these prescribed exercises to be followed in order to meet each client’s goals and outcomes in an efficient amount of time and thus reduce the overall utilization of physical therapy services. Being an active participant in your physical therapy will save you money!

What special credentials or education do your physical therapists have?

Our clinicians have exceptional training beyond the university level and have ongoing participation with the most cutting edge and evidence based training available. We are a “Manually Based Clinic”, meaning we do not rely or utilize palliative treatments that are not supported by research or evidence.

We do, however, utilize joint mobilization and manipulation as well as soft tissue mobilization. These techniques help restore and facilitate normal joint, muscular and neurologic function. Manual treatments will compliment a “dosed or prescribed” therapeutic exercise programs that are performed in the clinic and at home.

Included in our discussions may be educational knowledge, nutritional support and lifestyle changes that will help to promote a healing process and long term benefits to your health and pain-free motion. We will also provide all billing services at no additional cost. We do not accept 3rd party payors and we provide a discount for cash-based payments of services.

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Did you know?

Exercise—most any type of exercise—can reduce your risk of recurring low-back pain by between 25 to 40 percent.

Meet your physical therapist

Chris Wilson, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT is an orthopedic clinical specialist with 20 years of experience.