Eagle River Wellness: 5 Exercise Ideas During COVID-19 Social Distancing

As the country bands together to slow the spread of COVID-19 (a.k.a., the coronavirus) through the practice of social distancing, many have found their regularly exercise routines disrupted.  Gym closures, group fitness class cancellations and the closing of popular parks and trails have become commonplace, says Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson, making it more difficult for people to […]

Artists: Don’t Let Pain or Injury Dampen Your Creative Spirit

We often don’t consider the long-term impact that practicing the fine arts can have on the body.  Yet, according to Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson, dancers, musicians, visual artists and even performing artists are not immune to experiencing pain and injury related to their crafts.  “Artists of all types express themselves in ways that require various levels of […]

Wellness Tips: Help a Loved One Live a More Active, Healthful Life

EAGLE RIVER, AK – We typically wish for those we love to live their best, most healthful lives. That’s why it can be both frustrating and worrisome when a loved one slips onto a more sedentary lifestyle track – one that could be harmful to their long-term well-being.  You want to help them recommit to exercise […]

PT Successful in Removing Weight-Loss Barriers

Weight loss is one of the top New Year’s Resolutions made by Americans each year, according to multiple sources. Yet, studies conclude that only 8 percent of people actually achieve their annual goals, including those who seek to live healthier, more active lives.  While some many point to their busy lives and the lack of personal willpower […]

Can Exercise Ward Off Cold and Flu Symptoms?

As cold and flu season approaches, so does the season of illness prevention.  From getting flu shots to adding a little extra Vitamin C to our diets, prevention often becomes a focus for those concerned with getting sick, missing work and/or school, and optimizing the joy of their upcoming Holiday Seasons.  It’s based on this […]

VIDEO: Keeping your head in the game and also protected from it

EAGLE RIVER (KTUU) Concussions can occur in a wide range of sports, but injury to the brain can also happen from a car crash or even whip lash. Football is the most common sport for head injury concussions followed by hockey and soccer. Concussion, what is it and how do you treat it is the topic […]

6 Physical Therapy Myths during National PT Month

EAGLE RIVER, AK – October is National Physical Therapy month, a time when physical therapists like Chris Wilson of Eagle River not only celebrate their profession, but also educate others about the role physical therapy plays in improving the health and vitality of their patients … and of health care in general.  While a physical therapist’s roles are both broad and […]

Save the RICE for First-Aid, Not Healing & Recovery

For decades, the standard and recommended response to an injured muscle, tendon or ligament was to “apply RICE,” an acronym that stands for a protocol of rest, ice, compression and elevation.  Yet these days, according to Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson, the application of RICE as a treatment for these sports-type soft-tissue injuries isn’t 100 percent supported by […]

Local PT Debunks 6 Common Back Pain Myths 

Despite being one of the top causes of disability in the U.S., affecting around eight in 10 people in their lifetimes, back pain is an ailment often misunderstood by those affected, says Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson.   Such misconceptions, Wilson adds, can cause those suffering from back pain to seek solutions, potential treatment paths, and even lifestyle alterations that aren’t necessarily in their best interests.   “Back pain can be as frustrating as it is debilitating, especially if past preventative […]

Jump into March Madness Mindful of Jumper’s Knee, says Eagle River PT

As a large portion of the nation’s attention turns to the “March Madness” NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in the coming days, Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson says now is an ideal time to educate fans, young competitors and even blue-collar workers about an injury prevalent in jump-heavy activities: jumper’s knee.  Among the most common injuries in sports, jumper’s knee […]