5 Holiday Giving Options Offering Healthful Returns

Give Back Be Fit_Eagle River AK Physical Therapy

The Holiday Season is a time for giving, and that includes supporting causes and organizations that make our communities stronger. It’s in this spirit that Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson shares some holiday giving suggestions that offer a more healthful return than simply writing a check. “As a physical therapist, my goal is to […]

Eagle River Wellness: 7 Fitness Tips for Summer Vacation Travel

It’s vacation season, and for many that means visiting faraway friends, exploring new places and possibly even crossing some things off the ol’ bucket list.  Unfortunately, traveling often also means lots of sitting, interrupted sleep patterns due to time zone changes, unhealthy eating, and workout routines that are sporadic, if not nonexistent.  According to Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson, […]

Eagle River Wellness: How to Talk Positively About Exercise with Your Kids

All kids need exercise. Stacks of scientific research through the years support the myriad ways exercise helps young bodies and minds as they develop and grow.  It’s important, then, for parents to encourage their children to be active and develop healthful habits as they grow and develop. During such conversations, however, Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson says setting a […]

5 Exercise Myths for People 55 and Older, according to Eagle River PT

While it’s expected that most older people tend to slow down with age, the notion that seniors and soon-to-be seniors should trade in exercise and their active lifestyles for bingo and rocking chairs is definitely antiquated, says Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson.  And yet, when it comes to exercise for the 55-and-older population, plenty of myths continue to […]

Five Fitness Tips to Keep Introverts Moving

Finding a workout routine that fits your personality is one of the key ways to achieve optimal results, says Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson. And, that holds particularly true for introverts – those who may be uneasy about joining a gym or a fitness class due to crowds of people, loud music, or the seemingly prying eyes of […]

Strength Training Critical for Active, Independent Aging

To the 43 million Americans who have low bone density, putting them at high risk of osteoporosis, Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson has an important message: exercise is good medicine. But not just any exercise – weight-bearing, muscle-strengthening exercise.  “As people get older, bone density certainly becomes an issue for many people, which can lead to unexpected falls, broken […]

Eagle River PT Offers Health and Fitness Tips for College Freshmen

The struggle new college students experience is real, says Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson. The ability to stay active and lead a healthful lifestyle is such a common challenge to young adults entering college, Wilson points out that it’s often stigmatized up in the term “The Freshman 15.”  “When a recent high school graduate first goes off to college, they’re […]

Muscle Balance, Not Just Strength, is Critical for Health and Athletic Performance

Muscle Balance

While working to build a solid and stable foundation is certainly a critical component to personal health and athletic performance, Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson warns that focusing only on muscle strength can, over time, make a person more susceptible to injury. “Achieving optimal muscle balance, not just strength, is critical both for improving […]

Cycling Tip: Fit Your Bike with Your Body

While cycling offers an incredible alternative to high-compression exercises such as running, an improper bike fit can lead cyclists down a path toward a whole host of different muscular and joint issues, says Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson. “Bike fitting is about more than just making sure the frame fits your size,” said Wilson, […]

Bad posture can ‘sneak up’ as shoulder pain as you age

Shoulder pain in older adults often appears suddenly, as if caused by a sudden trauma or injury. But for many, says Eagle River physical therapist Chris Wilson, shoulder injuries are often the result of musculoskeletal conditions directly associated with aging and, more specifically, weakening posture. “Some people may think ‘I slept on it wrong’ or […]